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Help! Transfer Issue (Long)

A user using this name sold me Reason 5 and a separate 6 Upgrade.

When he sold it to me, he gave me his username/password with the understanding that I would go in and change the password immediately.

All smooth sailing - that way I could use Reason 6.0 which I had been running in demo mode using internet verification until the product showed up. And I have.

Got the package today and plugged in the ignition key. Upgraded to 6.5. Again - all good. Shows I have Reason 5, 6 and 6.5. The discs, documentation all seem to be in order - not NFR or Academic.

But I want all this under my name...not this name.

So I went to transfer the software from the other user to my user name, and it says that the ignition key does not have Reason 5 associated with it, that that Reason is on another ignition key.

That's a problem. I can't find that there was an ignition key for Reason 5 at all. I also don't see an Authorization card for Reason 5 that matches what the Props says it should look like - though there is a black card that says it's the License and Registration. SO maybe the Prop site is out of date?

So everything looks okay and seems to be registered. So should I:

Pursue this issue through Prop support in the hopes they can resolve/transfer (but also risk, I suppose, that they could revoke my license "as is"?


De-authorize and uninstall all Reason software. Re-sinstall 5, then the upgrade to 6, then d/l 6.5 (how does this solve the problem?)


Should I just shut up, adopt this user name and carry on which would suck since this user name had tested RE's that are now expired and also means I can never transfer it (not that I'm planning on it).


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