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Ignition Key woes...still (8 weeks+)

I am sure you all have read the lamentations of some of us that have nothing but troubles with the way the new 6.5/Ignition key is working.

I have tried everything under the Sun, and I am not a newbie to either reason (since 1.5) or computers (since 1978 - A No Joke Sinclair ZX81)
Anyway, yesterday I downloaded 6.5 to an offsite Mac, brought with me my ignition key, ran trough the install process, inserted the key, went online to Prophead, logged in and wrote the license to the key, zero problems. Even getting Re devices working as advertised.

So I went home, uninstalled everything that smells of Reason, even a little bit... Downloaded the 651 Win version, and installed, inserted key, start 6.5 and it starts fine IF you run without RE-Extensions.
So I logged in to Prophead and clicked manage my license, and what do you know....According to them I dont have an ignition key. (i.e. exact duplicate of old problem)

I know for a fact that R6.5 sees the Ignition key as it doesn't complain one bit starting without an internet connection.

So here is my hunch, I do know I run with a different ISP than on the offsite Mac that worked fine.
I also know I had the same epic fail across the board on 3 different computers, with different setups, and different browsers installed at my house.
So my guess at this point is this, there could be the simple issue of the ISP's firewall/security implementation which might hinder Prophead site to see the hardware connected to your pc, regardless of your browser settings.

Can anyone confirm/deny this? I have Century Link at my house at the moment, the offsite Mac was under Cox Communication.

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