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Important improvements for reason

Here are some points which are great ideas for Reason. I hope you like it.

-Multitrack Editing with MIDI tracks. Presonus Studio One solved this great
(you can turn on which MIDI tracks are shown as shades in the background of the currently MIDI track you are editing)

-Microcombiner. A Combiner inside the Combinator

-1.deleting single MIDI notes with one more left click after drawing them
2.set automation points with the mouse tool
3.chancing the note length also with the pen tool

-editing MIDI notes while the sequencer is running

-visible grid for every clip color, some are hard to see

-Sample Player:
1.sample triggering without chancing the playback speed/affecting the formants
2.advanced Wave Editor: copy a selected part and paste it where the marker is. The following part moves to the right and A sample editor where I can copy a selected part and setting loop points.

-Fading and Morphing tool for incoming sound sources to fade/morph between them

-multienevelopes with as many transition points as you want to "draw" your envelopes triggered by the MIDI notes of the combinator if it is inside

-panning single MIDI notes

-vertical and horizontal help lines for the editing tools in the sequencer

-Learning function for the macro controls of the Combinator.

This points would be great!

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