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Old 2012-08-12, 03:24
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>Combinator: Custom knob/button mapping layout!<

Combinator is by far the organizing savior for the virtual modular world we like to call home (Reason<3) but I have a feature suggestion that hopefully could better the combinator itself. The combinator has a basic 2x4 layout for it's knob/button mapping that is very beneficial for triggering a sound or effect. However, you are shortly limited to the 2x4 layout when you have multiple sounds or effects to manipulate inside the combinator. To get past this you would have to right click on the set point of the instrument, effect or utility and manually go through automation lanes and create the triggers yourself. Though greatly needed for advanced automation patterns it is time consuming for a simple on/off scenario. I am going to type out a scenario to where the limitations really show. It will be with Reason 3 since some people don't have the full features of the current 6.5 version or essentials.

Lets say "John" creates a combinator. He creates an instance of subtractor inside the combinator. He creates a melody to add to his mix and likes it. "Alright" John says, "Time to automate and mix!" *cracks knuckles*. He creates an instance of the Mclass Compressor, Maximizer, Stereo Imager and 2 classes of the Mclass Equalizer. John decides to use his four knobs to control multiple parameters inside of his instrument and effects. He then decides to use the 4 buttons to trigger his effects on/off. "Uh, oh...." John says, "I came here to automate and mix and i'm all out of easily triggered automation knobs and buttons!" John opens his combinator and looks at all of the things he has to manually configure that would be easily done via more knobs and buttons! He goes to the kitchen and makes a cup of coffee and sheds a tear while watching his organized song layout turn into a multi automated disaster with more automation tracks appearing than Zubats in Dark Cave.


To help better the combinator and avoid cluttered automation lanes would it not be better to have a customized knob button layout? For starters you could have a button to expand the combinator even further with twice as more knobs and buttons or to save space you could have a drop down button below the lettering of the knobs and buttons to select a vast amount of new knobs and buttons to work with. This concludes my feature suggestion for the combinator!

PS- Many words were overused and bad jokes were made and my grammar was put to the test so to those who read this and didn't go crazy, I salute you!

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