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Old 2012-08-11, 01:46
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To the Trance guys (and others) in here.. need your help

Hello everyone

Since I live in Zurich and we got the yearly streetparade starting tomorrow, I decided to create a trance track for fun. I had my Trance-phase somewhen around 1992, so I'm not really listening to that genre anymore and I have no clue what's going on (yes I'm an old fart).

Anyhow.. So I started working on it and came up with a chord progression which I really like.. The problem is... I think I've heard the exact same progression in the radio or so, but can't figure what song it is!

I've just uploaded a couple of bars of the lead synth to dropbox, would you be so kind and just quickly listen to it and let me know if this sounds like a known song? I'm pretty convinced I heard this not too long back (must have been some damn Guetta song with the same progression!). If it doesn't exist I'll finish the song, I like it a lot


Here's the link:

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