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Parallel (NY) Compression Techniques

I only use Reason, and have recently been implementing parallel compression to my mix, which REALLY improves the sound (as far as my ears can tell. For those who don't know, this technique is achieved by mixing a heavily compressed signal with the original signal. It takes a little trickery to do this in Reason, but I'm pretty happy with the results--at least those I can hear.

So my thoughts for this thread are twofold:

1. What are some different ways to achieve this in Reason, and are any methods better than others?

2. Are there potential problems with my method of which I may not be aware?

Here is my method:
I'm using Reason 6.
I take all my drum sounds and my bass, and insert spiders before the final signal hits the main mixer channels. Then, I route one split signal from each spiders into their proper mixer channels (as usual), and another from each to a 14 channel mixer, set the levels, and send the output of this mixer to a new mixer channel on the main mixer. On the new mixer channel, I apply heavy compression (around 19:1 ratio, threshold of -9.42 db, fast attack on, release 128 ms). Then, also on the new mixer channel, I adjust the eq to boost 10 khz about 7 db and about 100 hz about 7 db. Finally, I ease off significantly on the new compressed channel's level.

Any input would be appreciated.

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