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Lightbulb Prop Shop: REviews!

The Prop Shop REview System

While one might think this should be a glaringly obvious addition to the Prop Shop, it appears that a Customer REview feature within the Rack Extension portion of the Prop Shop has been sadly overlooked. There is the quite real possibility that perhaps the Props had a reason for neglecting to include this type of feature for the RE's, but I feel this would be an incredibly valuable addition to the Prop Shop.

The Forum is an excellent place where we may poor out our thoughts and feedback on each of the RE's, but this is a detraction and distraction from the store pages. Come to think of it, we need a new forum section for RE's as well, but that is another topic.

That aside, I understand that we already have a rating system in place for the RE's, which lends some clues as to people's opinions of these new devices. However, so much is left unclear about the nuances and intricacies of each RE due to the lack of any further feedback. It may have been the intent of the Props to stave off a REview function until the RE's have anchored a proper footing in the marketplace, but even in that light, I still feel this feature would be in the best interest of the community of purchasers, and would still help to establish a firm foothold of the RE model in the marketplace.

There would of course be a few tough decisions to be made in implementing this type of system, such as whom is permitted post reviews. (i.e. Anyone who has tried a given RE, or perhaps only those who have bought the RE.) Another might be how the reviews are tracked and displayed, and whether each REview would contain that users Star Rating for the RE.

All things considered, I think a REview system that shared some fundamental characteristics with those found on the website would fit the bill here immensely. I appreciate and thank those who've taken the time to read and/or respond to this suggestion, and I hope dearly that the web team and staff feel this would make a valuable addition to the site.

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