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Old 2012-08-21, 22:22
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Oldschool Techno/Trance party at a secret place at the river Rhine

This is where it was:

This were some special visitors (sounds cool when they get underneath the needle...):

This is how my dj-set (vinyl only) sounded:
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And this is what's inside:
1. House Of Usher "The Autumn Dream (Indian summer Mix)
2. Casseopaya "Musicmaker (Sundown Mix)"
3. Spect-R "This Is Acid"
4. Casseopaya "Musicmaker (New Life Mix)"
5. Analog Vogue "Odysse"
6. Commander Tom "Round My Brain"
7. Nico "Alpha"
8. Underground Resistance "Planet X"
9. Ghostnote "Charged Or Exhausted?"
10. Sorcerer "Moonrise (Break Fast Mix)"
11. Borgia "Belladonna"


12. Mistero "Querida"
13. Xeuros "Tresos"
14. Omega Force "Lyrical Bassdrum"
15. Pulse "Stay Calm"
16. Meteor Seven "K.S."
17. Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth "What's Goin' On"
18. DJ Dick "Malefactor"
19. Cloud Nine "Ruff (Remix)"
20. Orca "Intalect"
21. DJ Edge "Gb6"
22. Force Mass Motion "kinEtix"
23. Semisphere "Raveaktiv"


24. S.F. 01 "Le Petit-Chêne (Trance Mix)"
25. Sabotage "Resonance"
26. Flytronix "Ready Ta Flo (Dom & Roland Remix)"
27. XLS "Toxic Energy"
28. Koenig Cylinders "99.9"
29. Loudness Contour "The Power To Geminize (No Romantic Mix)"
30. Mark C & Tera "Strange Nature"
31. Cardiac Infarction "Flying (Badada)"
32. Adams and Krimson Project "Life Goes On (Krimson Mix)"
33. DJ Infinity & The Basics "Total Domination"
34. SDR & Subsonic "Abstrax"
35. Marusha "The Land We Are Talking About"
36. Miyako "Far Out"
37. Illuminatus" Mystique"
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