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Old 2012-08-20, 19:19
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One Thousand Souls [Pink Floyd-esque MOR]

JP's ode to Gilmour-era Pink Floyd . Originally written in 1995, this is the first full recording. Vocals, yeah, sorry... worse than usual. Needs more tweaking at least. Still, Roger Waters couldn't sing either...


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Somewhere out there
I found my dreams intact
Somewhere out there
I saw a future beckon to me
Somewhere out there
I saw a face that changed one thousand lives
And somewhere out there
I chanced upon a destiny

Somewhere out there
There lies the answer to my fears
Somewhere out there
I'll find the changes to the years
Somewhere out there
I'll watch a chasten thousand souls
And somewhere out there
I'll watch them lose their self-control

Life was something precious to them
They wasted all their years
Crying into someone elses' unforbidden tears
Forget yourself, or so they say
Death lives on in other ways
Fifty years, for what it pays
The price of buried lives

You can't predict the future
Like you can't forgive the past
I'm losing all my freedom to ghosts the dead outlast
It changes all the ways I think
Before the time an eye could blink
And be brought back from on the brink
One thousand souls reach out

They brought me down to earth
And crushed the final lust
Showered me with senses I can't convey

They sacrificed my love
And cleansed my sacred stains
Turned me to a state of disarray

They watered down my dreams
And canonised my soul
Only now can I understand what it was I threw away

Only now can I understand what it was I threw away
Memories, memories

If my memory can wait awhile upon your mind
Maybe I can escape my time
But if my memory just faded out into the haze
At least I'll have the knowledge
That I once burned unto your gaze

Somewhere out there
I wrote the words that changed a world
Somewhere out there
I watched one thousand souls unfurled
Somewhere out there
I thought your face looked just the same
But somewhere in here
I know I've known you like I'll never know again
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