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Old 2012-08-27, 21:31
LouEh LouEh is offline
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Which option should I go for when I do acoustic treatment

I'm on a VERY tight budget and I have a huge room. Anyways, my girlfriend was at Walmart last night and I decided to have a look around for some ideas as a cheap solution.

I came across those foam puzzle pads that kids play on except these ones had ladies doing stretching on the cover. Regardless, it's the same material as what you may have played on when you were a child.

Oh and by the way, I'm looking to put what ever I buy on the walls/corners because I'm in the basement and I mostly want to do this treatment to give my parents a break with loud music. My goal is to be able to bring down the volume of drums.

Okay, so another affordable solution I thought of was carpet.

I'm planning on blocking the vents from the sides of doom to help prevent sound from travelling upstairs too by the way.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Also could those puzzle mat things do the same function as an auralex MoPAD?

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