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New Pop Record-(FREE DL!!!)

So August is coming to an end and that means a new collaboration record with another recording artist. The tittle of the song is "Over It!!" performed by Alyssa Bernal. As you may or may not know, I usually don't have a lot of tracks ready as I prefer to build them from scratch while the artist is with me so that I can get a better feel of what direction we're gonna go in. This case was no exception. For this record I used Reason 6.5 and all refills except for the strumming guitar. For that I used one of my favorite VSTs Real Guitar (MusicLabs). For the midi guitar writing I rewired into Studio One to lay out the guitar.

That Being said, just a little side note: I often do this because I'm a keyboard player and often need more real sounding guitars. I HATE Rewiring to use this VST because since I write while the Artist is with me, it takes way too long! If somebody is listening- Please make an RE emulation of Guitars for serious MIDI guitar writing!

OK now that my complaining is over LOL...

I always do "dummy" vocals in reason to get a feel of the vocal melodies along with the lyrics. Not usually worried about pitch etc. at this point. Once we have verse, choruses, and arrangement, then it was time to export all music to Cubase 5. Here is where I do the real vocal session and the song mix. Thanks For listening. This is "Over It!!" Performed by Alyssa Bernal. FREE DL LINK IS IN THE DESCRIPTION **1 WEEK ONLY**

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