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Old 2012-08-30, 10:23
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Reason Song available for previewing Predator patches

I made a song yesterday for previewing the massive amount of presets available with Predator! So I thought I'd share it. It's best for pads but has leads, SFX, arps, pads (non-chord) and arp based basslines. It's no great shakes as a tune but has 10 Predator's but only three play at one time. All sounds apart from the drums are Predator. I mainly used presets with some tweaks. You can slot presets in and preview them for each Predator. Maybe it'll be useful? If not I had fun anyway :-)

The .reason Song:
The mp3:

The file does use a few other REs but they aren't important and can easily be ignored/replaced (they will just open up as place holders if you don't have them:
UhbikA x 2
DR-1 x 2
Etch Red x 1
SliceArranger x 1
Saturation Knob x 2

An output of the song is here if you want to hear what it sounds like with the REs (and don't want to D/L) (It's not properly mixed or anything)
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{Edit}...I love this synth and I'm hoping to get into programming it from initial set-up as I did the Subtractor and Malstrom, I just didn't find the time or inclination to do it for the Thor as it wasn't as intuitive to me. But one of the great things about the Predator is the thought and consideration and skill that has gone into the presets: If you take the Pred 4 in this track and load up - 08 Ambient 01 - Arp - Lost Love and for Pred 5 load up in the same bank - Arp - Rain of love and then put them on the same octave you get pure Leftfield (Leftism). I really wanted to go with that pairing for this track but it felt too robbed...

I'm crap at drum programming so the drums are REXs. (If anyone really likes drum progging and producing but isn't so into song writing get in touch maybe it could work!)
Zac Scott
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Synth Rock

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