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Lightbulb My Classical music thus far

Some of you heard this stuff months ago when I wrote it but I'm re-posting for those who haven't. I received many inspiring comments and lots of great feadback and advice. Can't tell you how much of a help that is so thank you guys so very much.
As soon as I finished the last one, I decided to write a full traditional symphony, with 3 movements. Took a lot of studying how Sonata Form works, etc. I have learned... it aint easy! It is still in the works and might take up to a year. No tellin' how long. Anyway, for those of you who haven't heard this stuff yet, enjoy and share your thoughts. And yes, I am aware Reason/Orkester can sound a bit like plastic here and there but if I was rich I'd be using Hollywood Strings! I do what I can with what I have.
Well, here it is.

Opus 1 'A Dreamer's Dream'
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Opus 2 'Mystery'
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Opus 3 'Symphony of Love'
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"Life is a movie, you're a star."
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