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Reason 6.5, Before Buy Questions

Hello @ all,

my name is Tom and i am from Germany, i have a few questions about Reason 6.5. I am totaly new to reason, i started making music with ableton live intro but i don't like it so much, because of the workflow. I make synthesizer and sampler based electro music and Reason seems to be great for that, especially when i look at all the synths and samplers that comes with it, Reason seems to have a more hardware orientated workflow and it's could be perfect for me.

Sorry but i hope my english is not to bad, these are the questions that keep me from buying it immediately
1. My local music store has only the Reason 6.0 Box, when i buy it these days, the upgrade to version 6.5 is for free, right?

2. What's about that dongle, i have to authorize this, ok i understand, but how it works when i update or upgrade Reason, must this dongle authorize again every update, means when 6.0 is installed and authorized, then i update to 6.5, must this dongle authorize again, 6.5.1 authorize again, 6.5.2 authorize again and so on, have i authorize the dongle with every upcoming update/upgrade or once the dongle is authorized to my Reason then that's it? I think and i fear this could be very annoying or frustrating when the dongle needs to authorize every update, i read furthermore that many users have problems with the dongle and the authorizing process, usb dongle, authorize software, codemeter software, this seems absolutly complicated, is that really so or is it ok and easy.

3. A question to Midi and external hardware, i know reason doesn't have Midi Out but i have a Novation Ultranova Synthesizer, which have USB to Midi besides the classic Midi In, is it possible to send Midi over USB to my Ultranova, if it's not possible, is there any other way to control my Ultranova via Reason, without Rewire and another DAW.

I hope that anybody can help and i thank you in advance.

Best regards

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