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Old 2012-09-04, 21:05
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How do I check the mix in mono within Reason?

Can I just load one of the mid side mastering patches from the FSB and just bypass all the eq's and comps and turn the stereo info off? I think I also read some where that you can just load a line mixer, wire the output of the master fader to the mixer like this... Left audio master signal into channel 1 left, Right audio master signal into channel 2 left mono normally for input), and wire the mixers output to the hardware interface audio 1-2 main outputs. Will this last method work? As far as I thought the mono sum is just Left+Right (L+R=mono). I want to check my panning in mono with only one speaker on but still not sure 100% how to sum to mono within Reason. Any help would be great.

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