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File Integration DAW Recording Procedure

File Integration DAW Recording Procedure

Before Reason 6, now Reason 6.5, Reason was popular was Rewire Technology, whereby you could use a Host Program and Reason 5 and below as a Slave. Since the inception Reason 6, Propellerhead has designed Reason as its own Host. You can still use Reason 5 as a Slave however, the newer science of sound is DAW File Integration.

There are many conversion programs, but you tend to lose sound in the process of the conversion. However, this can be done manually and seamlessly by transferring files at the default tempo of 120 BPM, which is something most DAW applications have in common.

With Acid Pro7e update on the registry, it seems to run very good without crashes. However Acid Pro 7e is still on a 32 bit platform, so I still look forward to Acid Pro 8, which will certainly be on a 64 bit platform. With that said, we will discuss a DAW Recording Procedure that will produce slamming beats and great vocals without exhausting too much power.

First we use Acid Pro 7e, who has excellent wave/Acid Loop support. If you want to loop projects together, by far Acid Pro is on top of this. With your lyrics written you can put down your basic music composition using Acid Pro. You can transfer the file at 120 BPM to Adobe Audition as a Wav file to be converted to a MP-3 file to be imported into Cubase at 120 BPM.

Cubase is the best program I have for using VST Technology as Steinberg the makers of Cubase created VST Technology, just as the name Acid implies its loop based program using Acidized/wav files. Because Cubase is great with VST technology, we will use it for the initial vocal tracks using our antaries vocal tools set. Antaries is great for applications like auto tune, harmony engine and so forth, however these program application use a lot of power.

Once we make our set of vocals and we can decide the tempo of the song in this program, for recording purposes. Then we once again send the song back up to 120 BPM to export it as a Wave File to be sent to Reason 6.5. The reason we used Cubase prior to Reason is that we use the default tempo of 120 BPM to process our music in file integration and Reason 6.5 has the ability to stretch music with vocals on them, meaning you can change the tempo of your music with vocals already recorded in Reason 6.5. Therefore after the file transfer we can once again reduce the tempo of the song in Reason 6.5 to finish doing our vocals.

Now we will have the loops in Acid Pro and the vocals using VST Technology in Cubase all in Reason 6.5 for the final musical production. The good thing about what we did was we can cut/slice this song into seamless loops because of the file integration process we used. We can add instrumentation using Reason devices and additional vocals without using too much power and adjust the tempo to our pleasure.

Once this is done we can use Adobe Audition 3 to master the project to add to a CD or on the internet.

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