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Balance problem (USB bandwidth?)

Hello. I've started getting problems with balance. When playing a song it sometimes sort of skips or drops out for half a second and then comes back in. This happens regardless of the CPU meter or DSP meter at the bottom of the reason screen. This even happens when using balance with ableton or even iTunes or whatever and when no other programmes are running so it's nothing to do with reason being overloaded.
This can be quite a problem for recording and playing live. Does anyone know what the problem is and how / if it can be fixed? I read in a thread awhile back about a similar (possibly the same) problem someone else had with balance and I recall someone saying it might have something to do with the USB bandwidth. I've tried balance in all the USB ports on the computer and the result is the same. When using other soundcards with my pc I have no problems at all - balance is the only USB device I own that I've ever had problems with. So what's going on? Can it be fixed or do I have to ditch the thing and buy myself a whole new interface, which would be pretty annoying, cos when balance works, I actually quite like it.

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