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Improved usability

I enjoy using Reason, but only after months of getting used to and accepting its quirks. Examples:
  • Very long and verbose context menus
  • Inconsistently used conventions. A few examples: ctrl or shift + click not working in the gate lane in Matrix. Razor tool not working on notes. Inability to razor clips while in edit mode. Alt+click opens/collapses all devices in a column, but not all sections of the ssl mixer, nor all lanes of a track.
  • Inconsistent use of "perform action on selection" in many places
  • Clunkiness of assigning samples in Redrum and Korg - no drag n' drop, no bulk drag n' drop to assign all pads at once
  • Self-contain window. Can't un-self-contain edited samples from Refills, but no option to automatically remove these or reassign them to the originals if you want to save an NN-19/XT patch.
  • The "Alternate" mouse tools have complex rules and are of dubious usefulness
  • File browser's operation is spotty and complex. Can move many patches between lists at once, but can't move many patches at once within a list. Can't automatically sort favorites in a list, even though you can in a folder. Can't manage device patch lists. Can't delete, move, rename, or duplicate several things from the locations list at once. Arbitrary time limit on audio file preview - is it that hard to implement a streaming player? Inability to move or delete files in the browser. Lack of Expand action for song files. Very very slow opening of the window, switching between things, and sometimes dragging things. Talking 10's of seconds. The list goes on and on.
  • No keyboard shortcut for Show Navigators. Ctrl+Enter is Record - why this awkward combination and not Ctrl+Space? Block mode is oddly toggled with the naked B key, inviting accidental presses since it is right next to one of the most commonly used keys, the spacebar. Other odd keyboard shortcut choices abound, when they could be more ergonomic. Lack of ability to customize is a hit against.
  • No way to hide some navigators instead of all. I can think of plenty of reasons why I don't need the mixer or sequencer navigator but keep the rack one, or vice versa.
  • I've posted about this one before, but there is no need for so many options to think about in the Bounce Channels window (or even the Export Audio window)
  • No way to tell Reason if a combi is an effect or instrument, instead it will try to "guess" for you. Unnecessary filter in the browser make it inconenvient if you selected "Create Effect" but your it thinks the combi you're looking for is an instrument. (An example of unnecessary complexity)

Props should hire a usability expert to simplify, consolidate, and orthogonal-ize Reason. This is my opinion, comparing the program to Ableton, which is far more streamlined. (And I'd love to take a crack at it myself, since I'm full of ideas, but I lack the qualifications.)

Just a suggestion.

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