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Old 2003-09-07, 08:22
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Reason Live with multiple projects open

Well I just had a bummer of a day... I'm using Reason live with a kids song band (I've had my years of playing rock and roll, jazz, and progressive rock, so this was a nice detour) - we played at a festival today, on the kids area stage. I was using an ancient Kawai K3 as a controller (not at all the choice I prefer, but it was the best spare keyboard I had available). I have about 5 Reason project files open at once: the primary file has about 9 various devices that I'm playing via different MIDI channels (NN19, NNXT, Subtractor, ReDrum, etc...) - I just change the "send" channel on the Kawai K3 and that controls the different items I have in my Reason rack. The other 4 project files are just "songs" that I hit play and let them go - not exactly songs, but layers of sound effects for different parts of the performance (for example, one file is a layer of 3 x NN19's: one is a patriotic song, the 2nd one is fireworks exploding, and the last is audience applause) - I don't need to trigger any of these 4 other files via MIDI, so I set the "BUS SELECT" to "No MIDI input" - i hit the space bar and the sounds just start coming out as I sequenced them - pretty cool.

Anyway.... here's the problem. My primary rack of units that I'm actually playing via MIDI is the ONLY one set as receiving MIDI, but when I switch over to one of the other projects, sometimes I come back to my primary file and the MIDI has gone completely dead! I can click on BUS SELECT A or B or C or D, go back to A (where I've set my Kawai K3 to be) and it's still dead. Seems like the only way to get it working again is to quit Reason and relaunch Reason fresh - I don't think I've ever had to reboot, just restart the app. This absolutely stinks because restarting Reason is NOT an option. If I have the applause and fireworks playing in the background and I switch back over to my other project file to start playing this fantastic Elvis brass thing for the end of our show, and it DOESN'T WORK, I can't quit Reason and restart it 'cause my fireworks and applause NEEDS to keep going. I experienced this occasionally during our rehearsals, but I thought I had it figured out - kept my prayers going when we went live, but it happened, and it totally sucked.

Does anyone have any ideas or experience doing a similar setup live? I'm trying to narrow down the variables, and I think I have it down to this: if I send *any* MIDI signal from the keyboard while I'm in one of the non-MIDI'd files, going back to the one that IS MIDI'd results in problems - if I don't touch the Kawai K3, I seem to be OK.

I've tried this with my QuadraSynth+ as well, and it does the same thing, so I don't think the active sensing on the Kawai K3 is a factor. I can go to the preferences and reset stuff, but it still doesn't help. I'm using an Apple Powerbook G3 500 with 384 megs of RAM, with 180 megs dedicated to Reason. I'm on OS 9.2.2, and I'm using OMS with a Steinberg MIDI interface. Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated. You can reply here on the forum, or send me email directly at - thanks in advance to all you brilliant Reason pro's out there!

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