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My Wish list

These are in no particular order, and i am certain some or maybe even all have been requested before, but i'd rather just post what i have come up with after daily use of the software, please feel free to chime in, i think they are all reasonable requests!

1) I would like to be able to undo without the program automatically taking me back to that spot. i.e i would like to make undos that do undo what i have done, but stay in the view i am in. for example if i undo some changes on a rack, but am in the arranger view at the time, i would like it to stay there so the program doesn't throw me all over the place, or if i undo something i have just pasted for example for the page not to scroll me to that point, to just leave me where i am. This can be an option hotkey or something. Old undo behavior or "in place".

2) When scrolling and copying and dragging parts i would like it to be speed/inertia based cause as it is it is every slow and takes ages in a big song

3) better pitch shift quality particularly formants, so i can pitch vocals without distortion. Also some sort of melodyne type integration (propellerheads RE style).. (even one or two semitones, of a standard vocal line, causes distortion when pitch shifted. Polar's new mode is much much better, but unfortunately has no formant ability)

4) Plug in delay compensation. Reason is very modular so this does make this harder to implement. My proposal is that propellerheads initially only implement it on MIXER INSERTS which should be easy to do, then anyone who needs to use plugins with latency, has to work around where they patch them, which is easy for us to do as users. It's also very important that it does not affect live play on OTHER channels. i.e some hosts including cubase started off this way, then fixed it. What i mean is, imagine i have an ozone maximizer on audiotrack 1 but track 2 is a live rack synth. As long as track 2 is highlighted, there should be only the latency of the soundcard when playing that track with the midi keyboard. If i were to insert ozone maximizer on THAT synth track then of course it would affect live playing as it is directly in the signal path. What i am basically saying is that latency only affects the tracks the plugins are on, not the "whole engine".

5)I would like to know when parts/audio/midi is overlapped and a system for dealing with overlaps.

6) i would like to be able to overlap two audio parts and hit a button to crossfade automatically

7) To be able to razor midi notes themselves

8) To be able to shorten midi notes from the left corner

9) More midi functions, such as select equal notes, reverse notes, crescendo, etc.

10) A midi out function so i can use a hardware synth

11) i would like an option to change behaviour of NON stretched parts when changing tempo. If propellerheads are unsure what i mean, i can make a quick video of studio one and how it (and all other hosts) deal with this situation, so it's understood. what it means is that parts should get resized relatively to the new grid rather then get chopped off.

12) To be able to drag automation parts without clicking outside the automation editing zone to take the focus off the automation. Should be able to do it all there.

13) Bezier curves for automation

14)As cpu's are starting to run out of power with complex synths, a well thought out freeze function

15) Better handling of high dsp projects under low latency, with better RE SDk for dsp resources

16) A good official propellerheads orchestral refill with easy to play legato strings that sound authentic when playing legato

17) key switching in NNXT

18)A proper undo *history* so one can go back 20 undo steps if desired in one click.

19) Absolute snap rather than only relative snap on the arrange page grid.

20) Audio quantize/flextime/ with better time stretching quality for fast attack, percussive sounds (the current time stretch is only good on melodic instruments).

21) Snap to zero crossing

22) Glue midi notes

23)RE SDK to allow EQ and analyser graphs.

24) Folder Tracks

25) Proper Markers

26) Audio Slip editing! this would be wonderful!

27) Group Faders

28) Individual Track Heigh Zoom

29) More vertical zoom in arrange window

30) Waveform statistics/peak locator

31) Autoplay of larger files!

32) Reason to be a rewire host or at the very least a special rewire bridge for ableton live

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