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Can't Run Reason 6.5 Beta? :(

I used Reason back when 2.x was new, and recently began getting back into music, so I was super excited to learn we're up to 6.5 and Reason can now record and process audio.
However, I cannot get the demo to run at all.
When attempting to launch it, I get "The application can not run because of an unexpected error."
I've been spinning my wheels on this issue for a couple days off an on, having tried various different combinations of uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling.
In attempting to isolate the issue, I have completely uninstalled the drivers for my audio interface and do not have it connected to my system.
One odd thing: when I begin the uninstallation process, I get the same "The application can not run because of an unexpected error." pop-up message immediately. After I hit "OK", the message disappears and the uninstaller pops up and runs as normal.

Nothing useful is showing up in Event Viewer.
I'm running the RTM build of Windows 8 Professional 64-bit on an AMD A8-3850 APU, 8GB of RAM, running out of a 120GB SSD. Basically, this system flies and can handle anything I throw at it with ease. I haven't installed Ableton Live, Energy XT, or any of my music stuff since reinstalling Windows 8.

As far as I know, Windows 8 should not be an issue, nor should 64-bit.
Are there any logs, registry keys, or other places I could go for useful information on how to approach troubleshooting and fixing this? Since I found out about Rack Extensions, I'm basically sold on Reason, but don't wanna spend $400 on an application I haven't ever used, plus I kinda gotta wonder if maybe I'll have the same issue on the new version.

Help me, Propellerhead Kenobi! You're my only hope! :P

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