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Some new suggestions

Just to make it clear straight away: talking about suggestions and improvements only means that we want to fall in love with Reason even more!

1. Dump the popup: "Some licences only available online" … "Log in"… "Continue without"… Instead, give us a "never show this message again"-checkbox. OK, I'm of the ones with no internet connection on the music PC (just copied the RE-cache from another PC…). But this is the first time Reason made me crazy. I can't remember ever had a crash and only very seldom popups (computer too slow if I open many files) and this time Reason won't even start! It's also the first time since 2002 that I even thought about finding another music software (if I have to click "continue without" for the rest of my life)!

2. Improve the undo:
*Let us undo with a single click (and not edit/undo…). There is more than enough space for an undo-arrow on the tool bar. This is faster and handier than Ctr+Z.
*Let us undo several operations at once using an unfold-menu (if this is not too CPU-lasting). In case of loading big patches it may last minutes undoing 20 steps 'till reaching the right "undone" point.
*Enable us to undo more than 30 steps (again if this is not too CPU-lasting). Let's say 100.

3. Improve the help:
*Put the help contents in a systematic order. Let's say alphabetic. Or common operations first, than instruments, than effects… or whatever you consider best…
*Let us search in the help menu the way we are used by google or other search engines. It should be enough to type e.g.: "oscill" to get results about oscillators, oscillation, oscillating etc.
*Let us know where the help result currently comes from. For instance, if I search: "amp env" the listed results are: "Parameters", "Using the Programmer", "The Drum modules", "Play Parameters" and a few more. Which of them is related to the NN-XT?

4. Improve Reasons "Refill-memory":
It should be enough to locate the samples once instead of asking over and over again for a Refill-disc. This is especially the case with refills which were once commercials and are free now.

5. Let the dates of unmodified files … unmodified.
If I open and close a file without changing anything let it's last modified date remain. Even if I changed and undone everything afterwards.

6. Enable us to go to the parent folder without selecting anything from the "Document Browse List" first.

7. Let the cursor go to the beginning of the song by pressing "Enter" (as it was in earlier Reason versions).

8. Keep your Swedish image:
I consider Sweden one of the best countries in the world if not the very best to live in. I love to travel there always experiencing highest quality services and goods, reliability, honesty, good mood, absolute professionalism in every field, heart-breaking friendliness and the list goes on and on (including gorgeous girls…). So I'm kind of proud to use Swedish software to do what I love most 'cause it reflects exactly this image. Besides some negative impulses I pointed out recently:
* You want to sell a new, "killer" synthesizer (RE). Kids and teenagers playing with playstations use that kind of jargon. Are you pointing to them rather than to serious and professional musicians? I'd use an advanced synthesizer, maybe a superior or sophisticated one, or even an awesome or an amazing synthesizer but a "killer"?... I'm just a good guy trying to create some beautiful music…
* Leave the "fs" alone! Seen in a RE-video: What the *#%? is "all buttons in"? I personally lose my good, inspiring mood by facing something like that. Do you really need that kind of "…" to sell high quality, professional software? In a Kong-basics micro tutorial video I even saw: "OMG", WTF", "OMFG" (!?!?). I mean… are you guys serious? Don't you think that goes a bit too far? I think you should never start using "fs", instead keep using a professional language or, if you wish, stay typical Swedes! If I were you I wouldn't even allow artist to use titles like "Sac ma deek" or "f…d up" (Reason Drum Kits).
*Demo songs in major keys please! Through earlier Reason versions, Record and some refills I got more than 100 demo songs. I think besides Olivia Bradfield's "say" and a track in Johnny's refill I've never heard a single song in a major key. I re-saved several demo songs after raising their minor third to major just to be able to hear something … well, happier. Of course the musical ideas may be excellent as well as the production but the mood… We know that the stories about depressions and suicides in Scandinavia are myths. So, why not presenting a cool jazz piece in (say) Fmaj7, or a rock 'n' roll or a boogie-woogie piece to present the radical piano, or an AC/DC-like or a “let's have some fun” – kind of rock piece, or a country piece, or a classic / film score in a major key (Abiram Brizuela's piece is fantastic and it finishes in Bb major too!). Talking about genres I really miss a good dance/trance track too - even in a minor key…

Thanks for reading

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