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Old 2012-09-14, 00:53
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Solo mixer channels - can they be linked?

Is there a method to solo more than one mixer channel at time by pressing just one mixer channel solo? Kinda like linking a solo function across more than one channel?

Lets say I have set up a Kong patch, and routed the individual outputs to separate mixer channels. Not only that but I have used another mix channel and a few spider audio mergers as inserts to create a bus mix for all the Kong mix channels.

Now I can mix the drum kit in the ssl and also have a bus to adjust the volume of all the channels together in the main mix. Also, I can use the SSL mixer functions and individual insert effects on each of the channels and the bus channel too! Cool.

Now I want to solo the snare, so that I can fiddle with an insert eq. Ooops. I need to solo the snare, and the mixer bus channel. Click Click. Not only that but I have sent some snare to the reverb send, but have routed the send effect to another mix channel so I can control and effect the effects return as a mix channel (cool!).

But now I need to solo not only the snare, but also the bus, and the effects return. Sigh.

Its even worse when I want to remix the drum kit. I need to solo the snare, the kick, the hats, the blah blah, and the bus and the effects return. Click click click click etc. (Maybe I should be using a reverb as an insert effect on the bus channel and using the dry wet knob to control the return, but then I dont get the pleasure of the ssl mix channel...)

So, is there a way, or should there be a way - maybe a CV out or something - so that I can LINK solo functions to tracks that I choose, so if I mute or solo a track, it also mutes or solo's the bus they are patched into?

Does this actually make any sense?

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