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SEX UP the SSL! You know you want it!

Wouldn't it be great if Reason provided a handsome mixing console where the realism and outright design was drop dead gorgeous? Right down to those British like, high dollar (uh, pound) solo buttons, brushed aluminum surfaces (here and there), and increased wow factor with some sheer realism.

Now, before you react and protect the SSL for all it is (is it?). Have a look at the Imperial design used with Reaper.
(mouse over to get different views of channels, FX rack, master, etc.

I just see something like this for the Reason main mixer. It would be one step closer to having a super nice console feel, as apposed to the all too bright main mixer in place now.

The Imperial requires a 1080 pixel vertical screen resolution so it's not for everyone. It's linked here as a reference, that's all. Hey, Sonar has spiced up their mixer as well.

My initial reaction was "nah, don't need it", but after really viewing the Imperial, it is a very cool realistic and purposeful design (albeit Reaper Design in this case). No screws and over detailed nonsense. Just a real quality look!

This is a Reaper skin but it would be very cool if Props incorporated such a facelift with Reason.

So please spiff up the main mixer, Props. Maybe even in other places throughout the program as well! (ala rack) Watcha think?

Remember, if you like it, ask for it.
Oh, and Props, the Imperial skin is for free. A fresh look with Reason could really be quite cost effective while you're creating all of those great new instruments and fancy editing for Reason 7 (huh?)

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