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Old 2012-09-17, 06:29
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Assign Instrument to Input Bus Within the Combi

I'm using Reason 6.5 with a Win7 Laptop and two Axiom controllers (49 and 61).

I currently have my synths set up within Combinators and am currently able to switch the synth on one (Bus A) controller using the buttons on the controller, but I have to "lock" the second (Bus B) controller in order to utilize a different patch. With two different patches per song it's less than ideal to have to fiddle with my laptop to lock the Bus B controller to a different patch. Setting up splits on a single keyboard won't work for me because I need the range for both controllers.

What I would like to do is assign devices to a Bus within the Combinator without locking so that I can assign Bus A input to a piano and Bus B input to a synth in one Combinator and in another Combinator have Bus A set to a pad and Bus B set to strings. Then all I would have to do live is select the next Combinator with my master controller and the sounds would change for both controllers.

I've been trying for weeks to figure out how to get it set up this way and have spent countless hours on numerous forums searching for a way to do this under the current version, and the information doesn't appear to be out there...

If this is possible currently and someone knows how to do this I'd really appreciate the help.

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