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RE Pining/Locking

Under the current setup if I where to use and then save a file with any RE in the project and send it to any other user the device shows as missing and can be tried by the other user or bought
Up until recently this was a issue that plagued Refills, but was solved with saving samples within the song. Now we have an issue where someone is forced to buy or use up a 30 day trial in order to continue or use a project with an RE they do not own

What if that RE is great for this cooperative project but you have no desire to use it in any future projects?

I submit that we should have internet authorized RE pinning and or locking. A single user should be able to lock an RE to a project for use for unlimited time but with specific limitations.
  • The RE in question can be locked or pinned to 5 projects at a time but used within each of the 5 projects an unlimited amount of times by the licensee
  • The RE in question cannot be created nor moved or duplicated or (if necessary for extreme copyright) deleted by the party who does not own license
  • The RE in question is only allowed to cable access by the unlicensed user but cannot be physically moved from its position with the project unless by the licensee
  • The original licensee can remove the license to any RE pinned to a project freeing up the use of said RE for other collaborative efforts
  • A pinned RE project is only accessible to a registered Reason user via internet authorization
  • Authorization to any unlicensed user for any pinned RE project is given directly through the licensee

That is all I can think of so far. Please add on and help me flesh this out, I think this is need to help make Reason not only one of the most innovative pieces of music creation software, but the most user friendly
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