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Old 2011-10-05, 11:00
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Open Letter to CEO Ernst Nathorst-Böös

Update 17/10/2012: My nickname [ Keelox ] is changed back into [ PsyTale ].

Dear Ernst,

Let me start out by saying that your honesty, and the way you have setup this communique to us -your users- is just another reason why I am your customer. To me your company has been of interest ever since I have started using Rebirth. Although I never had the chance to "release" anything based on rebirth, I sure had my bunch of fun with it. After all the fooling around in MS-DOS programs like Screamtracker, Fasttracker and possibly other trackers I forgot the name of, your software was a fresh breath of air.

I remember at some point in the year 2k a friend of mine told me that the next thing the props will be releasing is something totally new and awesome. When Reason 1.0 was released I was imidiatelly drawn towards it. It never stopped, I really did try to. I used all kinds of VST hosts, like cubase, fruityloops, ableton live and many more. I have had prettymuch all the best plugins out there installed from Rob Papen, Native Instruments, East West Quantum Leap to Simpler things like Glitch. It did not survive me, I let them go finally in 2008. At that moment I decided that I need to make a choice. I decided that Reason was my choice.

Somewhere in 2009 Record was announced, this made me really happy because i have been wanting to record my own stuff for a while. It was actually one of the only reasons I was in doubt about my previous choice to only use reason. Once again you have proven to me that you listen to your users. Record brought me so much fun, from the moment I got how to get my microphone to work with Record it was all fun with effects from then on.

Through the years you have proven to make software that just works. It works really well, actually so well that you had to release just one minor service update per Reason release. And after that it would just keep working like it should. With every new release I have been full of anticipation and started to imagine what could be done with the new Instruments and effects. Your products have inspired me and I have grown into the use of Reason. Which is great, it is like I am part of your company, although I am an unknown to most people.

With the release of Reason 6 and the fuzz that came with it it made me feel hurt, not for me but for the Props. I just know howmuch effort you putt into all your products, simply because I have been following it since the start. Trying to catch all the news and information about new products.

When I wanted to buy Reason 6 I ran into your closed shop. It didnt bother me because I expected it. With the announcement of your “Pay what you want” deal for your loyal customers, being a professional tester, I realised it could cause problems, simply because its untested functionality. After I came home from work Friday the 30th, I logged on to the site and tried again. I got through without any problems. Bought R6, Downloaded it and started to play with it. I was happy to find out that one of the most disturbing “bugs” in he beta/RC (the slow loading of sampleplayback in the reason browser) was solved, or just didnt happen because it was no longer beta. That one thing was a concern I had for a moment because of notifications on the forums about it.

I dont think I can tell you howmuch I appreciate your software, it made my life so much more fun. I can play around with Reason for hours and hours and find myself doing nothing but playing with cables. Just trying out all the options.

The users that responded so heavily to your little breakdown thistime around in my eyes dont really understand what you as a company must accomplish in order to get it right like that. Your corebusiness is Reason not your website. Reason works GREAT just like always.
I am writing to you this open letter because I want to tell you that I love 2 companies ALOT, The first one is Apple, because they made my mobile life something that is so pleasurable that I will not buy another phone ever again. And the second one is the Apple of the musicsoftware, Propellerhead Software.

To me you guys are and wil always be the bomb. No mather what the hell goes wrong, you always proof your loyalty to us.

To every nagging customer out there, (especially the ones that started to nag like 10 minutes after the release) you should be ashamed for having such little patience. Yes I understand some people are right aswel, but come one give it a day or 2 before you start your ranting on the forums the next time. Its not like you will die.


Taco Schepp
Audios Media

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