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Talking Kong Sounds In Redrum

Yes, I know there is a workaround of using the CV outs of a Redrum to a Kong and then removing the track of the Kong in the sequencer. I know you can save this setup in a Combinator and disable notes being sent to the Kong, to save having to do this every time. In fact, I have one setup this very way in my default rack!

I am not suggesting a visual overhaul of Re-drum, or changing it like the Dr. Rex->Dr. Octo Rex; I appreciate what a significant change that would be, for a relatively little benefit.

All I am suggesting, however, is a tweak to allow you to select any Kong 'sound' that you have created previously to be loaded into one of the Re-Drum channels. I would envisage all editing/sound creation to still have to be done in Kong. I have spent a lot of time making a library of "single hits" and it'd be nice to be able to avoid having to make the distinction of only being able to use them in one of the two main percussive devices.

Thanks for your consideration, Ceri.

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