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Old 2012-10-05, 07:42
mahomedbhamjee mahomedbhamjee is offline
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Please help !! - upgrade and new installation

Hi, I thought that upgrading and installing Reason 6.5 would be a walk in the park - its turning out to be a nightmare for me.

Can someone please tell me what I have done wrong.

I originally had Reason 4 on a Windows XP machine with the ignition key. I bought the upgrade to 6 a while back. A few weeks ago I upgraded Reason to 6 on this pc. It worked. I am not sure how I managed to get the ignition key to change the license, but the ignition key also now shows Reason 6 license.

I now also have a Windows 7 pc which will ultimately take over to be my music pc, but I want to run both for a while. So I downloaded 6.5 on the Windows 7 machine and then inserted the Ignition key in the Windows 7 pc. The pc cannot see the key.

So I go back to my Windows XP oc and then download 6.5 and install 6.5 on this PC. I think it installed over 6. So now Reason does not run on this pc also. There is a missing component.

My questions:
1. Do i now need to re-install Reason from scratch (that is from version 4) to get Reason back on the Windows XP system?
2. Can I just download a new version and then use the ignition key as a license, or do I need to keep updating the version?
3. Is Reason 6.5 an upgrade or an update?
4. On my new Windows 7 pc, must I also do a complete installation (that is fropm version 4 and then do all the upgrades) or can I download the latest version and use the ignition key as the license
5. when installing 6 or 6.5 does it have to see your previous versions of Reason?

Can someone please restore my faith in this product, as I do not want to spend more time on getting it to work, rather that on my music.

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