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It would be nice if there were a submenu in Options where we could set up our own window workspaces for quick recall on any project depending on the current task, computer, (laptop/desktop, sequencing, sound design, mixing, other...?) and personal taste/flavor of the week...

For instance you could have:
  1. One window - sequencer & mixer unfolded
  2. Two window - mixer on right monitor
  3. Two window - sequencer on left, rack on right
  4. Two window (mastering) - mixer on left, sequencer on right
  5. One window (sound design) - Rack only unfolded
  6. One window (sound design) - Rack only unfolded (right monitor)

And so on.

The menu could look like:

Workspace >
1) (list workspaces)
2) ...
3) ...
Create new workspace
Delete workspace >
1) (list workspaces again)

Also for them to be useful the workspaces would be global not per project. The maximum should be somewhere around 10.

One thing I'm not sure about is if other things besides window position/size and pane settings should be saved. Stuff like, Click, mixer subsection folding, navigator toggling, blocks, and groove mixer. My thinking is yes it should but it's game for discussion...

A better menu would just be:
Workspaces >
1) (list workspaces)
Save Workspace >
1) (list workspaces again)

No need for delete/create. Just overwrite slots.

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