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Old 2012-10-09, 03:47
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Mixing and Mastering A Beat!Help Please!!

Wassup guys on the forum, I need your help!I watched a lot of tutorials and videos about Mixing and Mastering in Reason, but none of them explain how to properly mix a Hip Hop or RnB beat that you create from scratch.I know that one you can't clip with levels of instruments and drums.And two that you can't go over -0db.Or else it will clip.How do you get a loud mix, while keeping the Master Fader at or below -0db, so that it's not in the red?I use Synths a lot like PMW's,and Sawtooth's.What is the main thing when Mixing different Instruments.For Example, like for EQ,Compression,Maximizing,Reverb,Unison,Chorus/Flanger,Parametric EQ,Reverb,Echo,Pulveriser,and Alligator,and etc.On Instruments from Piano's,Bells,Acoustic Bass,Electric Bass,Synth Bass,Lead Synths,PolySynths,MonoSynths,Pads,Brass,Organs,Woo dwinds, and Reed Instruments.Also for drums I heard some banging Beats at the FatBeatShop,from FatLoud.And I'm trying to have my Beats sound clear like Their beats.With a Big Sound with Knocking Drums,Clean Hats,Fat Snare and a deep punchy Bassline.Thing is, why in the World People won't show the proper example on how to get a Professional Sounding Mix?Like a Reason 4+ or Record Song File example.My Boy,makes beats too and he said that ''They know more than the average person which gives Them the adavantage over say Someone who doesn't know or hasn't been taught the right way to Mix and Master''.Also I heard that using a limiter will distort your Beats is that true?I am really, wondering what it is that I need to do?Can Somebody upload like a 4Bar,8Bar,or 16bar Loop?Not the whole beat,it doesn't have to have a lot of Instruments.But showing the main rules and proper way to get Clarity.My drums sound good 70% of the time, but 30% some of the time it will be the Frequencies are clashing.You know what I mean.I need my drums to sound Clear and Fat!And My Instruments to set well in the Mix before Mastering them.What is the Truth about the difference between Mixing and Mastering?So that I will know the Truth about why some People,have bright,warm Mixes and others don't.I also understand that it takes Patience,and I have that.Because a Beat,will not always be finished in say 30 minutes to an Hour.Sometimes it can take days.With a fresh set of Ears to listen.I know once one of you Guys show me the correct example, I will have an Ear for what the right kinda Mix And Master sounds like.What needs EQ,Compression, and so on.Can Someone upload an Example?Please???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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