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Old 2012-10-09, 04:22
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Smile Questions about unique Drum Patterns and Drops?

Wassup my fellow Propellerheads!Can one of you Guys explain or show Me how to get Unique Drum Loops?Like Drums that are Linear and Drums that are spaced out throughout the edit Sequencer.Say for instance,the Snares are on the 5 and 13 regular time or 9 half time.And the Kick is on the 1,11 and the 15.Or 1 beat of 4 mini steps to blank the next 4,1st bar or 2nd bar and so on?What are some unique Drum Loops for Today's Hip Hop Beats.Such as Dirty South and Club Beats?Also how to do Drops in a Beat.Say like 1,2,4,6,8,12,14,or 16 bars.How do make like a Snare Roll play first 1 bar out of the 4 mini steps of 1 bar.Split like Half of the 2 is a Snare or Clap roll and the other 2 could be a Kick,Percussion,or Instrument chops like a stutter effect on them?Like this, 1-4 16th note steps{1,2,3,4} 5-8 steps,{1,2,3,4} 9-12 steps{1,2,3,4} and 13-16 steps,{1,2,3,4}.Like a good Humanized,type of feel.So that your Drums won't be predictable?For Intro's,Pre-Hooks,Hooks,Bridges,and the Outro's?What are some tips I wanna hear what you guys do so a beat won't sound simple and Predictable?

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