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Combinator Feature: ReTime

Concept Art by Dave Horn, 2012.

ReTime allows the tempo of a Combinator and its devices to be governed independently of the master clock. This means:
  1. Each pattern device within a Combinator runs to the Combinator's tempo
  2. Combinator tempos can be controlled by a pattern lane for automatic adjustment without affecting the main tempo
  3. Combinator tempos can be scaled, or switched between ratios of either the main clock or the Combinator's own clock
  4. Tempo sync can be outputted to other Combinators
But... Why?

Sometimes pattern tempos are required for asynchronous reasons. Creating haunting, regular sound effects that don't increase speed while the tempo of threatening music increases. A series of vocal loops that might increase in speed without the main music increasing.

ReTime also allows for offset syncing.

Feature Set

  1. Use Combinator Tempo. This button toggles between using the master tempo or engaging the Combinator's tempo clock.
  2. Tempo. Like the Master Tempo on the Sequencer Transport, a click n' drag interface to set the Combinator tempo. Also, this tempo reflects either the Master Tempo or the Combinator's tempo setting:If this Combinator uses the Master Tempo, this number can't be altered.
  3. Scale clock. Whichever tempo is being used by the Combinator, ratios of that tempo can be switched on-the-fly. So if either the Master or Combinator tempo is at 120bpm, switching to x3 increases the tempo of the Combinator to 360bpm. This provides a dynamic way for artists to 'slide' tempos over each other, create syncopated patterns, or adjust tempos from previous compositions to fit new compositions.
  4. Tempo In / Out connectors allow Combinators to distribute tempos to other Combinators.
This feature set could also be developed into a separate Rack Extension, but as this feature set will almost always be managed inside a Combinator, it makes sense to save space and build it into the device.

Just the start of an idea I came up with this when I was trying to get a Dr. Rex Loop to jump in tempo from Master tempo to 2/3rds of the master tempo without changing the master tempo for a syncopation effect. I got it eventually, but I was trying to avoid dumping the pattern to a lane. I don't think the ratios I've chosen on this concept art are completely appropriate, but it's something that can be developed.


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