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View Poll Results: Should developers be able to rent out Rack Extensions?
Yes 23 48.94%
No 24 51.06%
Voters: 47. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2012-10-11, 09:06
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Should developers be able to rent out Rack Extensions?

This would function exactly the same as the free 30 day trial—this being an additional 30 days for a price tag set by the developer. It would not change any of the other functions of the store. =)

I have presented this idea in the past, but now that I have the ability to create a poll, I thought I'd see how it fares when voted upon. I've presented my viewpoints here only as a way to better convey my idea. You are free to offer other ideas to support as well as disagree.

First, it's important to note that this option would be up to each individual developer to decide on (per each RE). They would decide whether or not to allow for a particular RE to be rented as well as what the rental price would be. I do think that the 30 day trial that is in place is an awesome feature. It's because of that feature that brings about this idea—The basic framework is already there. This idea is in no way an attempt to say that users are owed something more. Again, this would be up to the individual developers and it would cost the user money. Onto the reasoning...

Benefit #1

This would give users the ability to re-try a Rack Extension for an additional 30 days.


1. Perhaps in the past you tried a RE and it ended up that you didn't get much time to spend with it. Maybe your computer had to be repaired or something came up.

2. Maybe now you've realized that you might have a use for a particular RE that you had not realized before and you'd like to see how it works in your new or old project.

3. There is a new RE out that compliments the RE you have already tried.

4. The RE has been updated—giving users new options.

Benefit #2

In a pinch (both time-wise or money-wise) you'd like to use a RE to complete a project.


1. You may never be able to afford a particular RE (or simply can't afford it at the moment), but would be willing to pay for an additional 30 days to complete a project.

2. You are collaborating with someone who is using a RE that you have already tried and may not particularly wish to own/can't afford to own. They are insistent you and her/him don't substitute that RE.

Benefit #3

It would perceivably be extra money in the pockets of the developers and Propellerhead for transactions they may otherwise not have seen.


I don't know what to put here other than—extra money going through the store. Yay!

Benefit #4

Another chance for Propellerhead to make a play on "Re" with REnting! Lol.

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