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CV/GATE & NOTE Effects ???


In the control voltages could still fit a lot..
After all, it is what makes Reason unique?! is it ?

My suggestions would be:

Delay for Gates and Notes

(Poly) Chorder for Notes --> press one, get three or more

Compressor to smoothen some saw´s or wild mixed control voltages, or to smooth the velocity intensity.

Quantizer for Gates/Notes and also to transform a sine-wave into a sine-wave with a stair-step 4th/8th/16th/etc. pp.

And a global Midi/CV (keyboard) Input device/unit
Also an output device unit which is routeable to a track or ccomes from a track.. ;-)
to record the notes or voltage curves or give me the playback of them..

than i can split my voltage cables and record them to a track
maybe export them..

and if i import some files, the new "Voltage Track" create a device/unit.. some RE ?
which is in my rack and has the outputs to connect with other synths or something.

I hope someone understands my bad english
A simple in-out module (for Control voltages) which is linked to a sequencer track
thats it..

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