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Question How to fix muffled sound in Reason 6?

Waddup Everybody,how can I fix the muffled sound in Reason 6?Am I boosting the lows too much,or low mids,high mids,or not enough high end?I have been trying to get clarity for my mixes.But I need you guys help to fix this problem.What I'm trying to achieve is too have my mix to be warm,resonant,with clarity and punch for my Instruments.When you listen to some good Drums that are processed and loud.It tickles your ears.Because they are knocking while having a loud enough Mix without clipping.How do u get your Mix to be loud without clipping at?is it compression,eq or using a Scream 4?Because the Scream 4 seems to make my Mixes whether it be Drums,Instruments,etc.It sounds good but not enough for whole Mix.Leaving some frequencies not cutting through or Eq'd right.Do I need a bp filter,lp filter or hp filter?Or do I need a linear phase EQ?And I listen to certain People's Mixes and it seems like they have Air in They're tracks.Like the track has no hiss or muffled sound to it.If ya know what I mean.My 808 Snares and Kick samples are not cutting through My Mix like I need them to cut through.My Drums sound thin and They don't hit hard enough.Basically My Mix is dull how do I fix this problem?How do I get my mix from the instruments to the drums to sound like this?At FatLoud's Producers at the FatBeatShop.Below


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