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Repeating patterns

For electronic music and other music in general, it is extremely frequent to have a repeating pattern. Often times you want to experiment with it, changing it.

Reasons makes this incredibly hard, your options are:

- Use matrix unit, which is really awkward. You can't see your notes in the sequencer, and it's very limited.
- Copy-and-paste note lane clips, which requires to redo everything if you want to propagate a change.

I propose a really simple addition which is reasonable to have in sequencer, but is very powerful:

- Aliasing clips. This would work by copy - paste alias, or by dragging a clip while holding some modifier. This would create an alias clip that is the same as the source clip, and updates when the source clip updates.

Please Propellerhead, add this change and Reason would instantly be about as useful as Fruitloops or other programs specializing on electronic music.

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