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Old 2013-11-18, 09:38
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Question Thor's modulation destinations - no envelope sustains?

This always leaves me completely flabbergasted when I realize/remember it again and again. Why can't I select the sustain of any of the envelopes as a modulation destination in Thor?

From another thread:
Originally Posted by ZionAural View Post
Well, in the case of a device like Thor, you could probably route velocity to amp envelope sustain level, and again scale it by a rotary.
You'd certainly assume that, but alas.

I'd often want to modulate the amp env sustain so that I could have a very short decay acting as a kind of compressor on the transient and then have the sustain fall slowly like a longer decay would.

The obvious workaround here is to modulate the decay with the mod env so the decay value will rise shortly after the note trigger, but finetuning it is a bit cumbersome as changing the amp env decay will then affect the apparent sustain too.

Or, I could have a longer decay on the amp envelope and then modulate the amp gain with a short decay from the mod envelope. Apparently though, the amount of level change depends on where the amp knob is set, and if I want to map velocity to the gain control, the problem becomes even worse.

Or, it could be done with an actual compressor, but achieving the same kind of consistent behaviour while minimizing the compressor-y artifacts is much harder than with envelopes, and obviously it wouldn't work with polyphonic material.

So, what is the deal with this seemingly artificial and pointless limitation?

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