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Old 2012-10-18, 13:17
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what is going on with the new band splitter?!

i just tried the new Band Splitter RE

it changes the sound in a really bad way even if you don't apply any proccess..even if everything is set to 0.0 db..

its driving me crazy.. if i want to build a precision multiband compressor it's impossible to do so with this tool.
i dont want to change the sound of my tracks just by putting this device on

i checked it by taking a track, putting the splitter and use only the input->sum, and then duplicated the track and removed the splitter from the duplicated track
and then i reversed the phase

the two signals are really different
when you change the Slope setting, it gets worse.

from the RE description:
"Unlike other splitters, Yoko is specially designed to ensure a “flat sum” crossover for each frequency band, meaning it won’t add unwanted filtering to your sound"

really bad stuff
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