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I need help!

okay... here is my delimma i want to do this.

I wish to mix the sounds of a nnxt sampler and the subtractor meaning I want to take the nnxt noise put it through the subtractor and use the all the dials to distort the nnxt sampler through the subtractor to mix the 2. I know theres a way to do it on here. I was messing with the audio spider merger and i had no luck im getting frusterated, once i figure out this i will have control of the whole universe because i make legit music. industrial/nin/foetus/kmfdm/grunge/nirvana/green river melvins alt rockr.e.m smashing pumpkins other shit/nu-metal/ korn coalchamber postpunk mixed/cure bauhaus the smiths.
I will love you untill i am a grandfather then make fun of you because i am jealous of your youth if you help me out.

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