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Old 2013-09-27, 10:14
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Smile RE: note off velocity, note off = note on/mute

Rack extension: one that allows you to play an additional note/sound when you let go of that piano key. the note off signal will be routed to another instrument. could be a sampler, synth, anything that will play another sound. so if I'm trying to re-create a guitar or bass when the note is released, you'll hear the sound of the fingers muting the string. you could sample that actual sound. but in addition to that. the time it takes for you to release the key, to the time it takes for the key to return to idle position, will determine the release amplitude of that 'ending sound'. IE: if you mute quickly when playing an actual instrument it will create at louder mute. If you slowly apply your finger or palm to a vibrating string, it will be softer. You can emulate thing with recording multiple samples that are based on human velocity.

That's one aspect of the rack extension. The idea that triggered this next idea.

How about a rack extension that allows you to control all aspects of MIDi messages. One that has a TAB or backside with CV routing. All values will carry through CV if possible.
Pitch, velocity, aftertouch, duration, note off(can be switched to note on, using this RE), release velocity. Also, mod wheel, breath control. Think of the control over expression that you can create with this device. Multiple synths and fx.

For total control, A drop down section in the RE can show all 127 CC patches to CV route their signal. Anywhere!

Which reminds me, this RE would have the option to save patches. Could use right under a combinator and just see a physical representation of what's going on between your midi controller and reasons virtual representation.

That's what makes reason so great. It's the most "hands on" approach for computer musicians. Feel the music.

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