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Old 2012-10-21, 13:49
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Exclamation More GRAPHICAL Interfaces for Devices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

---A free assignable graphical Multibreakpoint Envelope, which is MIDI retriggered if it is inside a Combinator.

---A parametric EQ with graphical Editing Interface and possibility to cut frequencies until -infinity!

---A Morph Device, to morph expondial/logarythmic(dont know which one is used within DJ Faders) between up to 4 Audio Sources


---Layered MIDI Editing like Studio One! (Shadows of the other notes in the background!)

---better visible grid by some clip colors if I edit MIDI notes

---NN-19: Sample Speed should not chance on lower and higher notes of the root key!

---the High Pass Filters of the Pulverizer and the Channel Filter just go to 11.000 Hz, not higher!

---The M-class EQ display dont match with the numerical displayed frequency by far

---the M-class EQ just cuts to -18 dB, so disturbing frequencies are not away, just more quit!

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