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What does this mean, exactly?

I'm looking at selling my license to Reason 6. I upgraded from Reason 3. I understand my Reason 3 license must be sold along with that of my R6 upgrade, as they're daisy-chained together. All fine and well.

When I look at my account on the page where one would tranfer licenses to a new owner, I find the following message:

"A license number that is authorized on an Ignition Key (or Balance) cannot be transferred to a new owner. Please remove the license numbers that have been written to a hardware device and resubmit your transfer request."

Two things:

1) Does the first sentence mean the sale of R6 is altogether forbidden?

2) What the **** does the second sentence mean?! Particualrly the "...remove the license numbers that have been written to a hardware device..." part. Huh? I do this how, exactly?

Any clarification would be appreciated.

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