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Kings Of Kong IZ the King!!

In between a few projects I'm currently working on, I recently found the time to buy Jiggery-Pokery's Kings Of Kong refill. I just had to say something aboot how incredible this refill iz. I was in dire need of some high quality drum soundz for one of my clients. I had read many pozitive reviews here on the PHead forums aboot the Kings Of Kong refill & decided to give it a go. I'm the proud user of JP's Elements & Retrospective refills, so my expectations were set quite high for Kings Of Kong. It didn't disappoint in the least.

One thing I hafta say right away iz that all the pozitive reviewz I've read aboot it previously were vastly under-stating just how useful & spot-on it really iz. This became evident within minutes of trying out the first few patches. It extends far beyond dance/hip-hop applications. It'z really an all-in-one percussion resource. And a damn good one at that!

I just finished arranging an old-skool Synth-Pop track using several patches from the refill...... and I'm extremely pleased with the rezultz. Specifically, I was using the Roland TR-707, LinnDrum & CR-78 patches. I owned a TR-707 many yearz ago....... and all I can say iz JP quite accurately captured the tones & dynamics of it. I'm completely head-over-heels for this refill!! I'll be using it a lot more in future projects. And I can eazily see it becoming my go-to resource for drumz & percussion. It'z one of those rare refills that IMMEDIATELY inspires musical ideas.

Thanks to all of you who recommended this refill on other threads. I respect & value the opinions of so many of you. Your comments aboot this refill really helped me develop an interest in it. But my biggest praise needz to go to Jiggery-Pokery. One more World-Class product from you, M8! I'm beyond pleased with it. Exceeded all my expectations

Without hesitation or rezervation, I give it a full 5/5 stars!


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