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Overproduction Woes

Anyone else have this problem?

You make a new session, just to practice between commissions and keep your Reason-ing sharp. You start simple enough, a nice pure piano in a good RV7000 space, tweak out the EQ and get it sounding just right.
Then, you stack a little organ on top. Still sounds good.
So, why not add those Pizzicato strings? You slap those in as well.
Next, you add in one - no, two - ah, why not, three - layers of drums/percussion/rhythm.

So on.
And so on.

Next thing you know, you've been at it for two hours and you have a glorious sounding but over-saturated 16 bar loop, and it's going absolutely nowhere.
I had one co-worker tell me an orchestral intro I did for a Christian album was "Exhausting to listen to" because of the literally 28 layers I had going.

So, my question to all you other talented Reason slingers: How do you keep your compositions from being crowded, over done, and overly complex, but still lush and full and interesting?

And while I'd very much like to think this isn't a mixing issue, that might be entirely possible...but something tells me it's much more basal than that.

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