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Old 2012-10-26, 01:11
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Use Reason with Balance, sell Essentials with Ignition Key?

Hey everyone... possibly a somewhat off topic post here (and probably a little odd from someone who hasn't posted in almost 7 years!) but here's my scenario and questions...

I have Reason 6.5 and of course my ignition key. A friend's son is having a birthday and I know he is an aspiring electronic musician, but knows nothing of the wonders of Reason. I was thinking of hooking him up for his birthday, with a copy of Reason Essentials.

But then I got to thinking... Balance comes with a copy of Essentials, but obviously Balance also acts as an Ignition Key. What if I were to buy a Balance for myself, use it as my key, and give him the copy of Essentials that came with the Balance, and my Ignition Key so that it would run for him?

So I guess my questions are:

1. Will this work correctly?
2. Is this legit? As in, will I still own a legit license for the full Reason, and will he end up with a legit license to Reason Essentials, qualify for upgrades if he chooses, etc.?

Hopefully this all makes sense, and someone can help me figure this one out. I have a bout a week until the birthday. =)

Thanks all!

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