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Reason performing life setup

Hi there!
I am making ready a new template for reason to perform live and I am using the evolution uc33e as a midi controller.
I have currently set 6 banks( 1-6)from my controller to send the same cc messages from all the knobs and sliders but using different midi channels. Then if I´m using the same cc´s messages for knobs and sliders to affect different parameters on reason in the different banks, but each bank set on a different midi channel, so bank one goes trough midi channel one, bank two trough midi channel two, etc...
The problem I am currently having is that reason doesn´t seem to make any difference if I am using midi channel 1 or 2 from my banks on the controller, and it seems to be reading just midi channel one for all the banks... or midi channel 0 that is if i´m not wrong the default one.
The problem is I can´t use more than the 33 possible controller buttons/sliders/knobs while if I´m using 6 banks, thta would be 33x6 right?
Or am I understanding it wrong?
Does anyone know what the problem could be?

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