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Old 2012-10-28, 03:15
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Thumbs up What hw/sw would I need to accomplish the following?

Hey everyone! It's been roughly 7 years since I posted anything in here, and it's been longer than that since I actually made any music (life gets in the way... sigh...) I Sold off just about all my old music/audio hardware 10 years ago when I found that I could do just about everything a room full of gear used to do, with one amazing piece of software... Reason (duh).

But now I'm gradually building my rig back up again in the hopes of getting back into the swing. Been a Propellerhead software user since the original ReCycle wayyyyy back in the days of the SampleCell II card and have kept current all these years, knowing that eventually I'd get back into it. Just got a Balance today as the first step in this direction.

So here's what I'm pondering. My primary workstation is a 2011 27" iMac with 32GB of RAM and booted off of an SSD, with a secondary 30" monitor as well. It is one wicked smooth, fast machine and works just fantastically.

On another desk next to me, I have a core i7 Windows 7 "gaming PC" that I put together since I had all the pieces. It's got 6GB RAM currently (but RAM is dirt cheap) and also running on an SSD. I can control it from my iMac via TeamViewer, and literally use it as a headless workstation if I need to.

I'm curious to know if I could use this "extra" machine, as an outboard sound module of sorts. You know, load it up with other software synths and so forth, and trigger it from Reason on my Mac. Open that machine up on one screen, Reason on the other... seems like it would be one hell of a package.

What would be required to do this sort of thing? I'm assuming it must be possible as I've done something similar even back in the 90s with MUCH lower-capability software. Would the latency of MIDI present problems here? Or would they sync over my LAN? Or something else?

I also have the option of installing OSX on the PC hardware and running it as a hackintosh (have another of those that acts as our home media server and it works well), so if it makes more sense to use another Mac as the external machine, the option is there.

So, if you were in this situation, what would you load the PC up with? What software synths, samplers, sound libraries, or whatever? I'm so out of touch with the developments in the digital music/audio world in the last 10 years, I'm quite certain there's a TON of stuff I don't even know exists!

Oh lastly, I also have an iPad3 that I would love to add to the mix, if it makes sense to do so. Anyone using an iPad as part of their music rig currently (not a live rig, just studio)?

Thanks everyone!

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