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Digital Timestamps on Reason files

Hello everyone.

I'm embroiled in a bit of a dispute regarding the creation of a piece of music. The problem is a simple one. I maintain that I created a piece of music using propellerhead software back in 2008 and the other party claims that it is his creation (also using propellerhead) since sometime this year (2012).

This could get messy if I don't find a solution to resolve the matter.

The Facts Are:
1.) The original of the piece I created using Reason 3 way back in the day. I've since gone on to upgrade to Reason 4 with Record 1, and now even to Reason 6 and the upgrade to Reason 6.02.
2.) For reason 3 files to be usable in Record 1, the files have to be converted to Record files; which i promptly did by importing them and saving them as record files.
3.) Since the Reason 3 files were from that point onwards of little use; I, of course, deleted them, since I had them in the new format which was now my workable property.
4.) When I then bought Reason 6; which now allowed me to open the record files i still had on record ... the resultant save files naturally had the most recent 'date created' timestamp; which of course negates my claim of the original date of creation of the files.
5.) To keep track of my works ... I use briefcasing to keep track of my progress ... and this in turn once again changes the date of creation to the most recent date (of my briefcase updating).

My question is ... how do I determine the proper timestamp for the created article from my reason files. When exactly was the file (older ones) created????????
I have since found some of the original Reason 3 creations ... but even they are only as recent as the time my system last crashed and had to be restored. . Fact is: only one of the reason 3 files is in dispute. The more current ones, viz. the Record 1 and Reason 6 files (creations) are a bigger point of contention.
What I have noticed is: even though I know that some files were created earlier ... they bear the digital timestamp of my last reinstallation of my system, because that is the time at which I copied them back into my system. A rather horrifyingly unsatisfactory result for me in my opinion.

Is there (as in Microsoft Office Documents) a more precise way of determining when a file was created in Properllerhead, that is more accurate than just looking at the properties of the file to see the created and modified dates of said file. There has to be a way, like with microsoft documents to get a more accurate timestamp on the file's digital signature.

If you are able to help me with my dilemma; please respond to this post. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly, in advance for your help.

P.S. Here is an example of the type of inconsistency in the digital timestamp about which I'm talking. Perhaps this helps your more in your endeavour to help me.

I would love for someone from the Propellerhead team of experts to address this issue and offer me some sort of help. Any kind of help would really do!!!
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