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Polar suggestion

Feel free to ignore this if it's not feasible and/or I don't understand Polar, but the reason I didn't purchase it during the recent sale is that the delay buffer/dry signal delay annoys me and I would expect Reason to process the signal without delay the same way it does for other "creative effects". If you're running an audio signal (vocal, guitar, etc.) through Polar then I understand that the pitch shifter might need time to analyze the unknown signal. However, if you're just running a Thor or Maelstrom signal (i.e., internally generated signal--as I typically do) through the device then I wonder whether it might be easier to process. At the very least some way to understand how to set the delay buffer to synch up with the processing algorithm (or even a button that performed an automatic adjustment) would make the device more user friendly, more "plug and play" like. Thanks for your consideration. Again, though, if I don't understand the unit feel free to ignore this.

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